Guest Speaker (特别讲员): Pastor Roy Yeh (葉耿齊牧師)

January 24th Evening 晚上 (Chinese)
January 25th Worship Service 崇拜时间 (Bilingual)


Roy Yeh grew up in Taiwan. Having been admitted to the prestigious International Business Department of National Taiwan University, he still felt no satisfaction.  He wanted to know the true meaning of life, but he could not find the answer through books and philosophy. During his senior year, Roy was invited to a church Bible study group. As a skeptic, he asked many questions to challenge the teaching, but the truth of the Bible slowly transformed his heart to accept and desire it. After experiencing the love of God powerfully he submitted himself to God, he was baptized, and he dedicated his life for God’s purposes in 1999.

In 2003, after much prayer, Roy and his wife, Li Meiying, immigrated to the U.S. and settled in the unfamiliar Houston, Texas. One year later, the two moved to Fort Worth for Roy to attend Southwestern Theological Seminary. Despite having no income, God provided for Roy to complete his M. Div. degree. Through his seminary experience, Pastor Roy’s appreciation for the power and beauty of God’s Word grew, and since 2009, he’s been passionately helping others to experience God and to mature in their faith.

Pastor Yeh and his wife have two sons: Isaiah and Jeremiah, whom they wish will serve God. Pastor Yeh loves walking, meditation, baseball, coffee, reading, and kissing his sons. He believes that ministering and living life everyday is God’s grace.

葉耿齊牧師在台北長大。學業一路順利的他,大學考入台灣大學的國際企業學系,但他的心靈裡總是有一股不滿足感,他問自己:”人生的意義在那裡?難道就為了賺錢,求一個安穩和順遂嗎?” 他考察哲學和歷史,閱讀书籍,希望能找出一個答案,但一再一再,他感到失望、迷惑。

大學四年級時,同學邀請他到教會。當時他對基督信仰相當不屑,在小組查經時常常故作禮貌狀地問一些刁難的問題。但沒想到聖經裡耶穌簡單而深遂的話語漸漸溶化了他,他開始期待小組的團契和神話語的教導,他開始試著自己跟神禱告。深層的平安和深遂的意義感臨到了他,生活中的一再經歷讓他沒法否認這宇宙中有一位愛他的天父; 他滿是興奮地接受了洗禮,並決定一生要奉獻給神使用,那一天是1999年的12月19日。



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